I just bought a new domain and decided it would be nice to explain the reason of the name…

On 2011 a few friends and I started a blog. We called it Latest Build, used the now deceased Posterous for publishing, and bought the domain latestbuild.net. We ended up not maintaning the site, and not renewing the domain. I really liked the name, and it was my first option when creating this one. Unfortunatelly, it is not available anymore.

I started trying a few ones, looking for new ones, but also names similar to that one. While googling for ideas, I found Jenkins’ terminology page. One of the terms caught my attention: Unstable Build. It was quite similar to the old one, but the description reflected more how I believe this blog will be maintained:

A build is unstable if it was built successfully and one or more publishers report it unstable. For example if the JUnit publisher is configured and a test fails then the build will be marked unstable.